Why Global Health?

Why an international medical insurance?

In addition to many new impressions and challenges in your professional and private life, a stay abroad often means being confronted with a different climate and culture which requires varying degrees of acclimatisation in your everyday life. Good physical and mental health is therefore an important factor for all travellers in ensuring a rewarding and successful stay.

Why Foyer Global Health?

The insurance plans from Foyer Global Health are specially designed to guarantee all insured persons and their often very different medical needs, the very best medical care, as well as reimbursing their medical expenses.

Our Insurance plans offer:

  • A comprehensive range of services in relation to outpatient and inpatient medical care, dental care
  • Medical assistance services in each product package
  • No hidden cover exclusions.
  • Products that have no overall annual limit on reimbursement of medical expenses
  • Immediate cover granted after receipt of a proposal,
  • The possibility to include existing conditions and current treatment

Our company offers:

  • Highest quality standards
  • Strong and stable corporate values: trust, excellence, integrity, innovation and independence
  • Decades of experience in the very international Luxembourg environment
  • The reliability of a strong partner
  • Multilingual and experienced staff

Our location Luxembourg stands for a high level of consumer protection and supervision of the insurance sector, in particular, EU directives in favour of the consumer have traditionally been very quickly transposed into national law. Supervisory control is in the hands of the CAA (the Luxembourg Insurance Supervisory Authority) and meets strict international and EU standards. The policyholder is therefore guaranteed a high level of security and service.

We offer you, the employer, the security of knowing that your employees are optimally protected, and you can be sure that your company does not run any unnecessary risks of breaching a duty of care.

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